Natural Remedy for Common Cold

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

As we continue on our journey to wellness, Briyo Supplements adds BreatheEase Inhalant capsule, a solution for the common cold and nasal congestion. Combining the purest herbal product sourced from the most natural sources, these capsules aim towards trouble-free breathing and provide rapid relief during cold. Like every other product, these capsules are third-party tested for product purity, projected efficacy, ingredient safety, nutritional value, and label accuracy. Our products are free of any physical, chemical, and microbial contamination, offering you the highest standards of quality, formulated in a highly advanced, WHO-GMP certified manufacturing unit.

These capsules are formulated using different ingredients including natural oils. Briyo BreatheEase capsules are free from any addictive substances, consisting of aromatic oils and natural vapours. Aromatic oils, commonly known as essential oils, have been used for generations and aim for the betterment of mood and health of individuals. Natural vapours are used for medicinal purposes and holistic healing. These oils are produced from organic vegetable material by either steam, water or dry distillation. Aromatic oils are believed to have antimicrobial elements and are antiviral, anti-fungal and antioxidant. These can be used in massage or topically. Natural vapours when used for inhalation, should be used in a proper manner, otherwise can cause a hazard. The oils from the capsule can be put in a diffuser, spray, or even a steam bath and then breathed in.

The soothing aroma not only aids infection and congestion but also invigorates one’s mental wellbeing. These oils stimulate your brain that is connected to the nose. The molecules in the oil must go into the nose or mouth to get to the lungs to be considered an inhalation. When they get to the brain, it impacts the system that connects to your heart, memory, blood pressure, stress, emotions and breathing. They may seem subtle but is extremely impactful. These oils cannot be applied directly to one’s skin because they may cause harm, especially if the skin is sensitive. You should use a carrier oil to dilute it. Few drops of essential oil along with olive or almond oil is beneficial as these are good carrier oils.

Briyo BreatheEase Inhalant Capsule is formulated to deliver Camphor (25 mg), Chlorothymol (5 mg), Eucalyptus Oil (125 mg), Menthol (55 mg), and Terpineol (120 mg), offering various benefits linked to them. Menthol is extracted from peppermint or other related plant oils, commonly utilised for relieving clog of the upper aviation routes. Briyo BreatheEase capsules significantly help to relieve nasal congestion and coryza (head colds), improving a person’s ability to breathe while sleeping, allowing the person to sleep deeper with fewer disturbances when suffering from the common cold. These capsules are maybe equivalent and effective as natural home remedies.

Our soothing natural vapours released by BreatheEase capsules are suitable to be used by adults, as well children aged 3 months and above. Each capsule contains 5 different ingredients to aid nose congestion brought about by a cold or other related conditions. When inhaled properly it is very effective at opening the respiratory tract and promoting trouble-free breathing.

These capsules are easy to use. Simply cut the neck of the capsule using a pair of scissors. Ensure that the neck is facing downwards and away from the face. Slowly pour the liquid content of the capsule onto absorbent material like a clean cloth or handkerchief. The liquid content can also be added to a diffuser or in a pint of warm water to inhale, according to the preference of the user.

BreatheEase capsules are for external use only. The capsules may have no possible side effects however if noticed, consult a doctor. It is suitable for adults, as well as children aged three months and above. The oils from the capsules cannot be applied directly to your skin or consumed internally. Precautions should be taken to avoid contact with the eyes and areas around the eye. If you suffer from epilepsy, skin allergies or are pregnant, it is best to seek professional advice before use. Asthmatics should not inhale essential oils. If swallowed accidentally, please seek medical advice. Ensure that the absorbent object is out of reach when the patient is a child or baby. Essential oils are flammable, so do not put on or near a naked flame. Do avoid any kind of contact between oil and polished surfaces.