26 essential vitamins and minerals-why and in what amount they are needed for daily intake

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A is an essential nutrient of most of our multivitamins, and it’s particularly good for skin and for healthy eyes.

  • The amount recommended for daily consumption of vitamin A is 900 micrograms (mcg) for adult men and 700 mcg for adult women.

Vitamin D

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin d contains vitamin d between 100 to 1500 IU to match the daily requirements of vitamin d. 

  • Up to a quarter of the population have low levels of vitamin d in their blood according to UK government figures.

  • Vitamin d has several benefits, it helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

  • Vitamin d deficiency can lead to rickets in children and weakness, aches and pains in adults where bones don't have enough calcium called osteomalacia.

The groups of people are under the risk of vitamin d deficiency are as follows:

  • All pregnant and breastfeeding women, especially teenagers and young women

  • infants and young children under 5 years of age

  • older people aged 65 years and over

  • people with low or no exposure to the sun, 

  • people who have darker skin since their bodies are not able to make as much vitamin D and therefor and unable to fulfill their daily requirements, for example people of African, African-Caribbean and South Asian origin, 

  • A daily requirement of vitamin D  is 1000–4000 IU (25–100 micrograms) which should be enough to ensure optimal blood levels for most people

Vitamin E

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin e contains vitamin e between 4 to 7 mg to match the daily requirements of vitamin e. 

  • Vitamin e is important to have because it is an antioxidant, helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, whilst also helping strengthen the immune system.

  • There is also a suggestion that multivitamin with vitamin e may help slow the growth of dementia which is currently being researched.

  • The amount of vitamin E needed by you is:

       4mg a day for men

       3mg a day for women

Vitamin K

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin k contains vitamin k between 20 to 60 mcg to match the daily requirements of vitamin k. 

  • There are several important Vitamin K functions, For example, it's needed for blood clotting, which means it helps wounds to heal properly. There is also some evidence to suggest that vitamin k also helps keep bones healthy.

  • Vitamin k deficiencies are rare, but a healthy necessary vitamin k sources are required to ensure you have enough. 

  • Adults need approximately 1 microgram a day of vitamin K for each kilogram of their body weight.

Vitamin C

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin c contains vitamin c between 20 to 60 mg to match the daily requirements of vitamin k. 

  • Sources of Vitamin C is required for the biosynthesis of collagen, L-carnitine and certain neurotransmitters; vitamin C is also involved in protein metabolism. 

  • Collagen being an essential component of connective tissue, plays a vital role in wound healing. 

  • Vitamin C is also considered to be an important physiological antioxidant and has shown to promote the regenerattion other antioxidants within the body.

  • Several researches have been conducted  to support the claim that vitamin C might help prevent or delay the development of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases in which oxidative stress plays a causal role. 

  • Along with biosynthetic and antioxidant functions, vitamin C plays an important role in immune functioning as well.


  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin c contains vitamin c between 0.5 to 1.5 mg to match the daily requirements of vitamin k. 

  • Thiamin (vitamin B1) helps the body's cells convert carbohydrate into energy, which is necessary for the body, especially the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B1 also plays a role in muscle contraction and conduction of nerve signals.

  • Vitamin B1 deficiencies  can cause weakness, fatigue, psychosis and nerve damage.

  • In severe Vitamin B1 deficiency, brain damage can occur. 

  • Alcoholics are most at risk of Vitamin B1 deficiency

  • Dietary Reference Intakes for Vitamin B1:

  • Males age 14 and older: 1.2 mg/day

  • Females aged from 14 to 18 years: 1.0 mg/day

  • Females aged 19 and older require 1.1 mg/day with an exception of 1.4 mg during pregnancy and lactation

Riboflavin ( Vitamin B2)

  • Briyo multivitamins with riboflavin contains Riboflavin between 0.5 to 1.5 mg to match the daily requirements of Riboflavin (vitamin b2). 

  • Riboflavin (vitamin b2) is needed by your body for keeping skin, eyes and the nervous system healthy, and for helping the body release energy from the food we eat.

  • Riboflavin deficiency can cause a sore throat, cheilosis, angular stomatitis, glossitis, corneal vascularisation, dyssebacia (red, scaly, greasy patches on the nose, eyelids, scrotum, and labia), and normocytic, normochromic anaemia.

  • Severe riboflavin deficiency affects the conversion of tryptophan to niacin as well as conversion of Vitamin B6 to its coenzyme, 

  • The amount required by adults (aged 19 to 64) to avoid riboflavin deficiency is:    

  •   1.3 mg a day for men

  •   1.1 mg a day for women

Niacin (vitamin B3)

  • Briyo multivitamins with niacin (vitamin B3) contains niacin between 0.5 to 1.5 mg to match the daily requirements of niacin (vitamin b3). 

  • Niacin is one of the most important nutrient required by your body, In fact it is required by every part of your body to function properly. 

  • Niacin is needed for helping the body release energy from the foods we eat, and for keeping the nervous systems healthy.

  • Niacin supplements have proven to help lowering cholesterol, easing arthritis and for boosting brain function, among other benefits.

  • niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency causes Pellagra a disease caused by lack of vitamin B3.

  • For niacin, the DRIs vary with age and other factors:

  • The daily required amount for men is : 16 milligrams.

  • The daily required amount for women is : 14 milligrams 

  • The daily required amount for Women (pregnant) is : 18 milligrams daily.

  • The daily required amount for Women (breastfeeding) is : 17 milligrams daily.

Vitamin B6

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin B6 contains vitamin B6 between 0.5 to 1.5 mg to match the daily requirements of vitamin B6. 

  • Vitamin B6 is needed by your body to use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food, required to form haemoglobin – the substance that carries oxygen around the body. 

  • Vitamin B6 deficiency can prevent the thyroid from utilizing its iodine raw material efficiently to make the hormones.  Muscle weakness is very common in people with an overactive thyroid and in those who are also lacking in B6 and thus higher levels of vitamin B6i required by overactive thyroid.

  • The amount of vitamin B6 needed by adults (aged 19 to 64) is about:                                                                                                                                                                                          - 1.4mg a day for men                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - 1.2mg a day for women

Folic acid

  • Briyo multivitamins with folic acid contains folic acid between 0.5 to 1.5 mg to match the daily requirements of folic acid. 

  • Folate, or folic acid with vitamin B12 works to form healthy red blood cells, whilst also helping to reduce the risk of central nervous system defects,                                              such as spina bifida in unborn babies

  • A deficiency of folic acid can lead to folate deficiency anemia, which causes extreme tiredness, muscle weakness, diarrhoea, loss of appetite and weight loss. 

  • A deficiency of folic acid can also cause headaches, heart palpitations,  psychological problems, sore tongue, disturbed vision and problems with memory, understanding and judgement.

There are a number of problems that can lead to a vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency, including:

  • pernicious anaemia – where your immune system attacks healthy cells in your stomach, preventing your body from absorbing vitamin B12 a lack of these vitamins in your diet – this is uncommon, but can occur if you have a vegan diet

  • medication – certain medications, including anticonvulsants and proton pump inhibitors can affect how much of these vitamins your body absorbs 

  • The recommended daily amount of folic acid for adults is 400 micrograms (mcg)

Vitamin B12

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin b12 contains vitamin b12 between 0.5 to 1.5 mcg to match the daily requirements of Vitamin b12. 

  • Functions performed by Vitamin b12 are similar to that of folate’s, helping make red blood cells and keeping the nervous system healthy, releasing energy from the food we eat.

  • A lack of b12 causes pernicious anaemia with the symptoms of extreme tiredness, lack of energy, pins and needles (paraesthesia), sore and red tongue, muscle weakness, depression, problems with memory, understanding and judgement.

  • Adults between the ages of 19 to 64 need about 1.5 microgram a day of vitamin B12.

  • Although it's uncommon, vitamin folate or deficiency can lead to complications, particularly if you've vitamin folate or vitamin b12 deficiency for some time.

Potential complications can include:

       - problems with the nervous system

       - temporary infertility

       - heart conditions

       - pregnancy complications and birth defects

Some complications have proven to improve with appropriate treatment, but others  such as problems with the nervous system can be permanent making the regular intake of vitamin b12 highly essential.

Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin b5 contains vitamin b5 between 0.5 to 1.5 mcg to match the daily requirements of Vitamin b5. 

  • Pantothenic acid  (vitamin b5) is important for our bodies to properly use carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids and for healthy skin.

  • Vitamin b5 helps the body break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins so that our bodies can use them for energy and rebuilding tissues, muscles, and organs.

  • A vitamin b5 deficiency can cause fatigue, chronic stress and depression.

  • Vitamin b5 has many important functions. These include:                                                                                                                                                                                                           - converting food into glucose                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - synthesizing cholesterol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - forming red blood cells

Biotin (vitamin b7)

  • Briyo multivitamins with vitamin b7 contains vitamin b5 between 5 to 40 mcg to match the daily requirements of Vitamin b5. 

  • Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7.

  • Vitamin b7 is required by your body for the metabolism of fat for which only a tiny amount is required.

  • Vitamin b7 is important for healthy skin and nails, and it also keeps your eyes, liver, and nervous system working properly.

  • During pregnancy, Vitamin b7 is important for normal fetal development.

  • Vitamin b7 is not stored in the body. Because of this, you can suffer from biotin deficiency if you don't get enough in your diet.

  • The recommended daily amount of vitamin B7 for 

        - 14 to 18 years: 25 mcg

        - Over age 18 years :30 mcg

Choline (lecithin)

  • Briyo multivitamins with lecithin are prepared to match the daily requirements of lecithin.

  • Lecithin claimed to reduce cholesterol levels, protect the liver from alcohol-related damage, lower blood pressure, control mood swings and improve memory     

  • Lecithin may be a non-essential B vitamin, but it is important for cell membranes and for the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which has a role in memory and muscle control.


  • Briyo multivitamins with potassium sulphate contains potassium sulphate between 1 to 5 mg to match the daily requirements of potassium. 

  • Potassium sulphate is important for controlling the balance of fluids in the body as well as correct functioning of the heart muscle. 

  • Potassium provided in the form of potassium sulphate is a mineral that helps the nerves and muscles "communicate" 

  • Potassium sulphate in our multivitamins present to assist the nutrients to move into cells and waste products move out of cells

  • Adults aged from 19 to 64 years require 3,500mg of potassium a day 


  • Briyo Multivitamins with Calcium contains calcium between 50-150 mg which is sufficient to fulfill calcium daily requirement. 

  • A minimum amount of Calcium is required by your body’s blood vessels, muscles, and fluids, for their functioning. It is also required for strengthening bones and teeth. 

  • Briyo multivitamins with calcium ensures a good calcium intake in the bone-building years which are as a baby and again from adolescence to about 30 years of age; especially important in females.  Calcium deficiency during these periods can lead to brittle-bone disease (osteoporosis) when you're older where your bones break very easily.  

  • Post-menopausal women should also have a good calcium intake which incase of insufficient diet can be fulfilled by calcium supplements for women to help slow the rate of bone degeneration.

  • Calcium deficiency symptoms are muscle cramps, stiffness and poor mobility.      

  • Although calcium toxicity is rare, symptoms may include fatigue, depression, muscle weakness and constipation. 

  • Calcium daily requirement for Adults aged 19 to 64 is 1000 mg a day.


  • Briyo Multivitamins with phosphorous contains calcium between 50-100 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily phosphorous requirements.

  • Phosphorus is a mineral required by your body for building strong bones and teeth and is needed for releasing energy from food.

  • Some medications can cause lower levels of phosphorus in our body. 

  • Symptoms of Phosphorus deficiency includes: joint or bone pain, loss of appetite, irritability or anxiety, fatigue, poor bone development in children.

  • Daily requirement of phosphorous for Adults aged 19 or older is 750 mg a day.


  • Briyo Multivitamins with magnesium sulphate contains magnesium sulphate between 1-60 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of magnesium.

  • Magnesium (magnesium sulphate) is involved in regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, muscle movement, nerve function, the immune system and energy metabolism.

  • Magnesium (magnesium sulphate) helps turn the food we eat into energy and helps to make sure the parathyroid glands, which produce hormones that are important for bone health, work normally.

  •  magnesium deficiency in the body have been linked to diseases such as osteoporosis, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, hereditary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

  • Taking high doses of magnesium for a short time can cause diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping.

  • Magnesium needed by our body on daily basis is about 

For men (19 to 64 years) -  300 mg a day

For women (19 to 64 years) - 270 mg a day 


  • Briyo Multivitamins with ferrous sulphate contains ferrous sulphate between 1-14 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of iron.

  • Iron (supplied in the form of ferrous sulphate) is required for producing hemoglobin and myoglobin, two proteins that carry oxygen in your blood. Due Iron deficiency In your system, this important function is hampered, denying your cells what they require to give you the energy you need. This is iron deficiency (anemia).

  • If the case is severe, untreated, and prolonged, iron deficiency (anemia) a decrease in the quantity, size, and function of the red blood cells—can result, having several notable consequences. At a minimum iron deficiency levels, it can make you feel tired and weak, impact your concentration, and cause dry skin and nails. But it can also cause heart palpitations, shortness of breath, increased risk for infections, and more.

  • The amount of iron (ferrous sulphate) needed by your body is:

       For men over 18  - 8.7mg a day 

       For women aged 19 to 50 - 14.8mg a day

       For women over 50 - 8.7mg a day 


  • Briyo Multivitamins with zinc sulphate contains zinc sulphate between 0.5-10 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of zinc.

  • Zinc sulphate which provides zinc is essential for the role payed by it in producing energy in your body, for cell metabolism and for building DNA and RNA and regulating your immune system. Zinc sulphate is also needed for wound healing.

  • High doses of zinc intake by our body reduces the amount of copper the body can absorb. 

  • The zinc  required by our body on daily basis is about:

       For men (aged 19 to 64 years) - 9.5mg a day 

       For women - 7mg a day


  • Briyo Multivitamins with copper sulphate containscopper sulphate between 0.5-3 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of copper.

  • The production of red and white blood cells is supported by copper, it also triggers the release of iron to form haemoglobin – the substance that carries oxygen around the body, and is thought to be important for infant growth, brain development, the immune system and strong bones

  • Adults aged 19 to 64 need 1.2mg of copper a day available in the from of copper sulphate.

Taking high doses of copper could cause stomach pain, sickness, diarrhoea,

having 1mg or less a day of copper supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.


  • Briyo Multivitamins with manganese sulphate contains manganese sulphate between 0.5- 4 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of manganese.

  • Manganese helps make and activate some of the enzymes in the body. Enzymes are proteins that help the body carry out chemical reactions, such as breaking down food.

  • A person that does have a deficiency in manganese could experience the following symptoms: poor bone growth or skeletal defects, slow or                                                 impaired growth, low fertility, impaired glucose tolerance, a state between normal glucose maintenance and diabetes, abnormal metabolism of carbohydrate and fat.

  • The average intake of dietary manganese for adults is approximately 2 mg per day


  • Briyo Multivitamins with manganese sulphate contains selenium sulphate between 20 mcg- 2 mg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of selenium.

  • Selenium is a trace element that plays an important role in our immune system's function and in reproduction. It is also a potent antioxidant and helps to prevent damage to cells and tissues.

  • Too much selenium causes selenosis – a condition that can lead to loss of hair, skin and nails.

  • The amount of selenium you need is:

       0.075mg a day for men (19 to 64 years)

       0.06mg a day for women (19 to 64 years)


  • Briyo Multivitamins with manganese sulphate contains manganese sulphate between 5- 20 mcg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of manganese.

  • Chromium is a trace element thought to influence how the hormone insulin behaves in the body. This means chromium may affect the amount of energy we get from food.

  • The NHS reports there is not enough research to know for certain the long term effects of excess chromium.

  • Around 25 micrograms of chromium a day should be enough for adults.


  • Briyo Multivitamins with molybdenum sulphate contains molybdenum between 5- 44 mcg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of molybdenum.

  • Molybdenum is a trace element that helps make and activate some of the enzymes involved in repairing and making genetic material.

  • The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adult men and women is 45 μg/day


  • Briyo Multivitamins with iodine sulphate contains iodine between 0.05 - 150 mcg which is sufficient to fulfill daily requirements of iodine.

  • Iodine is involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, Iodine helps these hormones to keep cells and the metabolic rate healthy. 

  • Similar problems can occur with iodine deficiency due to lack of iodine in your diet, especially if you’re pregnant.

  • Iodine deficiency can lead to enlargement of the thyroid , hypothyroidism  and to intellectual disabilities in infants and children whose mothers were iodine deficient during pregnancy.

  • Approximately 40% of the world’s population remains at risk for iodine deficiency.

  • Adults need 0.14 mg of iodine a day.

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