At Briyo

Our mission is:

To Motivate,

to strengthen & to assist

you to achieve optimal

health and wellness

The brand has it's roots in years long expertise of manufacturing excellence. The parent company, Briyosis, was established in 2007 as a contract manufacturer of softgel capsules, partnering with renowned pharmaceutical companies across the globe. In recent years, the company has diversified and established its own USFDA approved facility to manufacture gelatine - the primary raw material used to manufacture capsules. Years of dedication, experience and hard work coupled with the recent developments have helped us emerge as a leading manufacturer of essential drugs and premium dietary supplements.


Under the continued leadership of its Founder and Managing Director, Himanshu R. Patel, the future of the brand looks promising. It is his vision that has become our motto - to provide the highest quality of supplement products at an affordable price so as to ensure the availability of nutritional benefits to each and every one of us. Under his leadership, we pledge to win the trust of our consumers.

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Quality Assurance
Our products go through various tests before their release in to the markets, to assure the consumers are delivered standard and consistent quality products.
Our teams are dedicated to consistently innovate and develop new products backed by scientific research to support the changing requirements of our customers.
Manufacturing Excellence
Our products are manufactured with the aid of our partners at state of the art facilities, which meet the international Food and Drug Safety Standards.
It has been our mission to ensure the accessibility of affordable Vitamins and nutritional supplements to our consumers, and we intend to remain committed to it.
Customer Satisfaction
The satisfaction of our consumers is what keeps us motivated. We are here to help you, advice you, encourage you as you begin your journey towards wellness.
OUR Focus


We are governed to follow our core values which define our integrity and desire to accomplish our vision. We accomplish every step necessary for providing the best vitamin and mineral supplement sourced from the highest quality of ingredients.

Respect & Care 

We encourage our employees to generate new ideas and to assume responsibility with passion and conviction. We encourage them to focus on building long term partnerships and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment. The work environment of mutual respect, inclusion, and accountability is created and implemented in the company’s functioning.


We concentrate on making our our day-to-day business activities consistent with Our Code. At our company compliance with all our product policies, procedures, internal controls, and applicable laws and regulations are kept at a regular check.

Sustainable Growth

Corporate Governance is always supposed to be an integral part of conducting business thus making it necessary for embedding good governance practices for attaining sustainable growth. Briyo supplement supports the culture of transparency and impartiality strictly prohibiting corrupt and immoral practices. The Company believes in ethical, moral and legal norms for conducting business operations. 


Our constant dedicated quality assurance and self-inspection team performs detailed monitorization of the company’s activities and process to make sure every nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical drug rolled out is of a particular standard. We accept our responsibility towards the society as well and perform every necessary task to fulfill our duty towards our environment

OUR Values
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